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Woman's Song and LD's Song

Welcome to Karg Art Glass Gallery

Wichita State University Alumni Awards recipients

Awards awards created by Karg Art Glass. Photo provided The Shocker Magazine.


Woman's Song and LD's Song

Woman's Song and LD's Song

LD's Song is a tribute to the mother of Rollin's son. Like it's sister sculpture Women's Song, LD's Song represents a women's ability to endure and thrive despite adversity and hardships. Their ability to bring beauty no matter the situation.


Robert Dole Award

Rollin created this years award for the Robert Dole distinguished service for KPTS

This Midwest treasure features some of the most exquisite works of art created by a diverse selection of artists. The gallery showcases a variety of art forms from glass art to metal sculptures and paintings.

Located just outside of Wichita, Kansas, in Kechi at 111 N Oliver, the Gallery hours are 8:30am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday. You can watch the glassblowers at work 8:30am to 12 noon, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & 8:30am to 11am on Saturday, but call to confirm, schedule changes constantly.

For more information or to set up a special group tour, please contact us at 316-744-2442.

Recent Press

Rollin Karg creating to cope brings healing

Inside Arts Feature - Creating to cope brings healing
By Claire Woodcock / Trail-Gazette

There are two new sculptures standing outside Earthwood Artisans on either side of the back door facing the riverwalk. Rollin Karg is a world-renowned glass blower residing in Kechi, Kansas. He combines blown glass and sculpted metal to create stand alone pieces. > Read More

Rollin Karg from garage to gallery

From garage to gallery: Kansas artist Karg built his career on glass
By AMy Geiszler-Jones / Eagle correspondent

Renowned glass artist Rollin Karg’s mid-life artistic career started small.
It began as a backyard venture in a 17x20 garage in Wichita – allowing him to scratch a creative itch and probably a genetic predisposition to create things with his hands. Learning to blow glass using smashed up Pepsi bottles, he started creating small paperweights. > Read More

Rollin Karg begins to shape a piece of molten glass. Karg Art Glass Featured on kake.com: An Exceptional Artist And Accidental Success

Click here to view the Rollin's story on how he got started blowing glass which turned into a labor of love.

Rollin Karg begins to shape a piece of molten glass. Rollin Karg: An Exceptional Artist And Accidental Success

The artistic works of local artist Rollin Karg can be found in galleries all over the world. His pieces combine two artistic mediums--sculpted metal and blown glass. Karg says he never knew he was an artist and discovered his talents by accident.

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